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Unanswered questions

There are often feelings of guilt, that things were missed or not acted on fast enough.

Family members often go back through the weeks and months leading up to the death to see if they missed anything.

When someone dies suddenly, it's common to ask one of the questions below, or questions just like them, over and over again.



of people who have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital survive. This includes those who receive early CPR

So what do you do, when you're in a cycle of asking these questions?

In many instances, there are no symptoms or warning signs, rather sudden cardiac death is the first presentation of a heart problem.

Sudden cardiac death is an unpredictable event

Family members often blame themselves. 

Causes of sudden death in young people are often not lifestyle related.

These questions and feelings are common

It’s important to remember that unfortunately, only 10% (or 1 in 10) of those who have a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital survive, this includes those who receive early CPR.

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