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Group support Online sessions

What are online sessions?

Online sessions are a series of four small group sessions open to anyone who has experienced the sudden cardiac death of a young person. 


The sessions are facilitated by our multidisciplinary team which includes cardiac genetic counsellors, a clinical psychologist and a cardiologist. All team members have experience in seeing families after sudden cardiac death.

Also in attendance will be other people who have lost a family member to sudden cardiac death.

There is no cost to attend.

Who can attend?

Family members who have lost a relative to sudden cardiac death where a genetic heart disease is a suspected cause of death. 


Although family members can attend the same set of sessions, we recommend that you may get more benefit attending different sessions.

About the format

Each session is 1-2 hours. Sessions are scheduled every week for four weeks, the seesions are held at the same time every week. All sessions are held on Zoom. 


Each session will be attended by members of our team and other participants who have lost a family member to sudden cardiac death.

Session 1

An introduction

In this session we will give you a general overview of sessions structure. You will get the chance to meet our team and the other participants.

Session 3

Coping with grief and loss
In this session we discuss the different ways people grieve and how grief can affect our day to day life.

Session 2

Coping with uncertainty
In this session we explore the issues of uncertainty after sudden cardiac death and help participants to consider a plan for their family.

Session 4

Coping with grief and loss in the wider family

In this session we consider grief and loss in the wider family, and recognising important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Is there any cost?

Do I need to attend all sessions?

Can my family members attend?

Will the sessions be recorded?

Our hope is that these sessions will allow you to meet other people who have lost a family member to sudden cardiac death and also give you some tools to help you and your family cope.

If you have any questions about the sessions or would like to join the next block, please contact us.

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