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Coping strategies

In the immediate aftermath

Remind yourself grief is a natural process and allow yourself time to grieve individually and as a family.​

Also recognise that different members of your family and community will grieve differently at different times. 

Create and maintain some routine where possible

Eat small meals regularly 

Try to maintain a sleep schedule

Be mindful in of changes in alcohol use

Engaging in gentle exercise 

Look after your own physical health

Keep it simple:

try to do one thing everyday

Time outdoors/ time in nature

Stay connected with friends and family

Remind yourself its okay to ask for help

Allow others to help and support you

Make space to remember and miss your loved one.

Some people find looking at photos or videos helpful, others prefer to visit a favourite place they shared with the person.

There’s not right or wrong way to remember your loved one.

Tips for sleep

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